Well 50/500 has now officially come to a close!

We’re really pleased with the impact the campaign has made. There was a fantastic response from the business community, who made loads of jobs available - which is no small thing (we could have in fact had well over a 1000 jobs across NZ)!!!.

The strong response from employers to 50/500 is building new pathways for young people to find work, which is resonating strongly with motivated young job-seekers (of which we have 1600+ on the platform) and the communities around them.

Feedback from both parties include the following:

My favourite thing about this is that it is giving youth, opportunities to do something in NZ that will better themselves.’; ‘the courses are extremely helpful and gave me practical skills for everyday life and the workplace’; and ‘you are able to see the information about yourself displayed in a way that made you think “wow! Look at what I’ve done” and I wouldn’t normally think that.


A candidate has shared their output documents which summarise the learning of our pre-requisite courses. I was very impressed with the amount of detail that they’ve included; definitely nothing that you’d be able to see in a traditional cover letter or interview. The courses are framed in a way where the candidate has to give specific anecdotal feedback about themselves which I feel should make it less daunting for them to complete. Reading the output documents has definitely given me quite valuable insights into the candidate.


Things don’t stop here though - Everything we were doing was about building momentum into 2017!

If you are a curious learner then please click the relevant button below to see all the jobs available for you across the country – there are loads there to cater for everyone’s different interests.

If you are an employer passionate about tackling this issue, then please again click the relevant button to post your job.

Thanks for all your support and here’s to an impactful 2017!

About Us

50/500 is being driven by JBA and YouthFull, both organisations who want to help young people find an awesome career. JBA focus on young people all over NZ, while YouthFull focus on young people located in Auckland. The organisations respective websites, JoyBusinessAcademy.com and YouthFull.co.nz, provide the destination for employers to list jobs and young people to access them.

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